How brands connect with us

Take a minute to think of a company or a brand that you really, really like.

This should be a company that you willingly pay attention to and spend time on: you regularly open the emails they send you, you follow them on social media, you pause when you see their ads, and you spend money on them or contribute money to them regularly.

Have you picked a company yet??

Keep this company in mind as you read through the rest of this post.
To share an example from my own list of favorite brands, I’m going to talk about Stitch Fix.

Let’s look more closely at why we like these companies.

What is it about their messages that really connect to us?

  • Is it their choice of words, their tone, how they describe their product/service?
  • Does it sound like it’s coming from someone we know, or from someone we admire?
  • How do we feel about ourselves when we read or hear their messages?

Stitch Fix always makes their messages feel personal as if they have something special JUST for me. That draws me in every time. I haven’t ordered a “fix” in nearly a year, but I open every single email they send me and I often look at what I could be getting. This way of making me feel special means I will order from them again, and will certainly recommend them to others.

Is there anything about the look or “feel” of their ads, brochures, catalogs, emails that we really like?

  • Do the visuals (photography, illustration, shapes) draw us in and excite us? Or maybe we find them calming?
  • How do the colors they use make us feel?

Stitch Fix keeps their visuals clean and uncluttered with large fonts and pops of color. It always feels exciting. Many of their emails will include tips as well – how to pair different outfits, how to get ready for summer, how to transition an outfit from work to evening wear. This is helpful, useful, and interesting information that makes me click for more info and engage with the brand longer.

How would we describe this company if it was a friend of ours?

  • Happy-go-lucky? Chill and relaxed? A world traveling adventurer?
  • Is this friend’s personality similar to ours, or different?
  • Is this someone we would want to spend a good chunk of our time with?

Stitch Fix is a friend that is looking out for my fashion interest. We’re not alike, but she really gets me and she pushes me to try things outside of my comfort zone. Sounds like a real person, right?! And this is actually how I feel about the brand. A solid product with attention to personalized detail can create such a friendship.

The company you chose has a lot of information to share with you. They could share with you all the details on what they do, how they do it, and why they do it that way. This could include their history and mission; how the product is made; how it works; what you should do with it; and more. But chances are, you don’t feel connected to that brand because they told you all those things (and hopefully they didn’t tell you all that stuff).

You connect with them because they
“spoke to you”.
They understood you as a person
and made you feel something.

That is the kind of company and brand you want to be. You don’t need a big budget to do this. You just need to connect with your audience on a personal level.

Beyond ads on Facebook, I’ve never seen Stitch Fix advertise. Yet, I am loyal to them, would recommend them to others, and will even include them in my blog post 🙂 Their brand is built on delivering a solid product, and paying attention to each consumer as if they’re the only ones in the world that matter. 

This post is the warm-up exercise in my guide on motivating people to act. Download the full guide here!