How Advertising Can Create Positive Social Change

This article originally appeared on the AdCouncil’s blog, called AdLibbing. You can view the post on their site as well.   Advertising has always fascinated me. From the early days of Wendy’s “Where’s the Beef?” to Under Armour’s inspiring “Will Finds a Way,” commercial advertising regularly influences my understanding of the world around me. This influence is exactly what intrigues […]

Fake Authenticity in Advertising

We hear a lot about authenticity these days. Authentic leadership; being our authentic selves; consumers wanting companies to be authentic and real. But being authentic is hard – especially when you’re trying to sell a brand or product. Definition of authentic: Not false or imitation: real, actual; True to one’s own personality, spirit, or character. It’s likely that marketing can never be truly […]

Brands in crisis

There is crisis happening all around us in the world. In the past three months alone, the United States experienced 3 major hurricane-related disasters, the country’s worst mass shooting, and one of the deadliest California wildfires. Businesses, advocacy organizations, and non-profits grapple with how they should leverage advertising in times like these. Should they take a public stance? Should they […]

How offensive ads get made

Recently, Dove received a ton of backlash from its audience base for running an ad that was racially offensive. This is not too many months away from when Pepsi suffered a similar backlash for their Kendall Jenner “aren’t-protests-so-fun” ad. What makes the Dove situation even more upsetting though, is that we’ve come to know this brand as setting a progressive standard for diversity […]

You have to GIVE if you’re trying to GET

People are selfish. It’s something we don’t like to admit about ourselves, or our species overall, but it’s human nature. When someone asks us to give or do something, we will immediately assess how it benefits or impacts ourselves, our family, and our community. It is critical that social good organizations keep this fact in mind, since we’re constantly asking […]

Target audiences: who will be in, who will be out?

“There are just too many damn audiences to reach. You’ve got the community, the politicians and law makers, wives and school children, the donors and financiers, field workers, and the list just won’t stop. So why do you keep telling me – BROOKE –  that I need to pick just 1 target audience?!?!” I know, it sucks. But let me […]

How to design an impactful protest sign

Over the course of my career, I’ve worked on and studied how to use marketing, advertising, and communication to create change and spark action both in corporate and non-profit sectors, but I have not done much work in the field of activism. I’ve been thinking about this a lot lately as I witness a series of protests happening around the […]