The early Brand gets the Earworm: how that sign-off tune got you hooked.

“chicken parm you taste so good” There is a good chance that you read this line to Nationwide Insurance’s “Nationwide is on your side” tune and heard Peyton Manning’s voice in your head. Maybe you can even visualize him picking up the sandwich in his kitchen. And maybe you hate me right now since this tune will be in your […]

4 Tips: How to get more donations with your print ads

I recently got my hands on several issues of Bloomberg Businessweek magazine and was pleasantly surprised to see print ads from non-profit organizations. It makes sense for non-profits to advertise in this publication – it has a high number of subscribers that are senior level business people who likely make a lot of money. An ideal audience to target for […]

Black Friday: The Brands versus The People (who will win??)

[Here is some background context for readers who live outside the USA: The Friday after Thanksgiving has traditionally been a day when retailers offer major sales and discounts to jump-start Christmas shopping. This day is called Black Friday as the profits from sales help companies’ balance sheets get in the black. Sometimes the discounts are so big that people line […]