Global Trends to Watch: #1 Moments of Truth

Peeking behind the curtain The digital age has given consumers unprecedented access to immediate, and often unfiltered, information about companies, governments, and nonprofits. We can now peek behind the curtain and look at finances, CEO pay scales, environmental and societal costs of a product, internal cultures, and more. We essentially have an all-access-pass to organizations’ internal truths without ever entering […]

Fake Authenticity in Advertising

We hear a lot about authenticity these days. Authentic leadership; being our authentic selves; consumers wanting companies to be authentic and real. But being authentic is hard – especially when you’re trying to sell a brand or product. Definition of authentic: Not false or imitation: real, actual; True to one’s own personality, spirit, or character. It’s likely that marketing can never be truly […]

Brands in crisis

There is crisis happening all around us in the world. In the past three months alone, the United States experienced 3 major hurricane-related disasters, the country’s worst mass shooting, and one of the deadliest California wildfires. Businesses, advocacy organizations, and non-profits grapple with how they should leverage advertising in times like these. Should they take a public stance? Should they […]