How to design an impactful protest sign

Over the course of my career, I’ve worked on and studied how to use marketing, advertising, and communication to create change and spark action both in corporate and non-profit sectors, but I have not done much work in the field of activism. I’ve been thinking about this a lot lately as I witness a series of protests happening around the […]

What happens when you fail to fail?

There are many articles in the interweb outlining the benefits of learning from failure. Google’s teams even conduct Quarterly Failure Reports to learn from failed digital marketing efforts, conversion rate tactics, and new product tests. And many companies have adopted a “culture of failing” where it’s the norm to prototype a new product, get it out into the market to test […]

4 Tips: How to get more donations with your print ads

I recently got my hands on several issues of Bloomberg Businessweek magazine and was pleasantly surprised to see print ads from non-profit organizations. It makes sense for non-profits to advertise in this publication – it has a high number of subscribers that are senior level business people who likely make a lot of money. An ideal audience to target for […]

“Being P.C.” has only been “sounding P.C.” all this time

Decades ago there was a movement of political correctness. Of “being P.C.”. Being politically correct meant adopting terminology that would not intentionally or unintentionally be received as derogatory or offensive. It’s based on a linguistic and cognitive science concept, called Linguistic Relativity, which asserts that language can influence thought and decisions. Meaning, if people were to adopt inoffensive word choices […]