Innovations in Conservation: Angler’s Atlas – Converting anglers into citizen scientists

For the first installation of my new “Innovations in Conservation” series, I interviewed Sean Simmons who is the founder of Angler’s Atlas: a digital citizen science platform that collects important fishing data across Canada’s lakes. During the interview, we touched on many topics that are important for all conservation efforts. Such as: Identifying a set of benefits that will motivate audience […]

The one thing you need to get your customers to take action

This is an article I originally wrote for RoundPeg Communications, a marketing consultancy that helps purpose-driven businesses do more good. You can read the original post here. These days, I find that I get pretty overwhelmed by the amount of information and advice that’s out there. I do online searches to see how to make my home more energy efficient. Read […]

How Advertising Can Create Positive Social Change

This article originally appeared on the AdCouncil’s blog, called AdLibbing. You can view the post on their site as well.   Advertising has always fascinated me. From the early days of Wendy’s “Where’s the Beef?” to Under Armour’s inspiring “Will Finds a Way,” commercial advertising regularly influences my understanding of the world around me. This influence is exactly what intrigues […]

Creating a Social Change Movement

In a webinar I delivered recently with the Conservation Psychology Institute, I focused on the Diffusion of Innovation Theory. I really enjoy showing this theory as an explanation for how social movements and norms happen. And what I find even more exciting is that I can recognize how movements happening today are reflecting this process. We can see this diffusion […]

How Conservationists Can Overcome the Awareness-Action Gap

This post originally appeared on the Fun Easy Popular blog hosted by Marketing for Change. Recently at a happy hour gathering, I started a discussion with my friends about overfishing and the depletion of global fish stocks (yup, I’m that exciting in a social setting). In response to the information I was sharing, my friend commented that he didn’t realize our oceans […]

You have to GIVE if you’re trying to GET

People are selfish. It’s something we don’t like to admit about ourselves, or our species overall, but it’s human nature. When someone asks us to give or do something, we will immediately assess how it benefits or impacts ourselves, our family, and our community. It is critical that social good organizations keep this fact in mind, since we’re constantly asking […]