The carrot + the stick: balancing motivation and enforcement when reducing illegal activity

Not in the mood to read? Well, good news! You can listen/watch this blog instead – just connect to the recorded webisode here. The topic of enforcement typically surfaces early on when planning projects that aim to reduce incidents of illegal behavior, whether it’s illegal fishing or driving without using a seatbelt. And often the question is: which do we tackle […]

Target audiences: who will be in, who will be out?

“There are just too many damn audiences to reach. You’ve got the community, the politicians and law makers, wives and school children, the donors and financiers, field workers, and the list just won’t stop. So why do you keep telling me – BROOKE –  that I need to pick just 1 target audience?!?!” I know, it sucks. But let me […]

How to design an impactful protest sign

Over the course of my career, I’ve worked on and studied how to use marketing, advertising, and communication to create change and spark action both in corporate and non-profit sectors, but I have not done much work in the field of activism. I’ve been thinking about this a lot lately as I witness a series of protests happening around the […]

The early Brand gets the Earworm: how that sign-off tune got you hooked.

“chicken parm you taste so good” There is a good chance that you read this line to Nationwide Insurance’s “Nationwide is on your side” tune and heard Peyton Manning’s voice in your head. Maybe you can even visualize him picking up the sandwich in his kitchen. And maybe you hate me right now since this tune will be in your […]