Cool Free Stuff

resources to download (and use!)

» How to Motivate People to Act

Discover what motivates audiences to act and how to apply those insights to your own projects



» Goal Setting Guide                    

Learn how to set big annual goals and break them down into actionable items you can tackle each week



» Learning Report  

Compare goals you set for a project against actual achievements to learn why parts went well, why parts didn’t, and how to do things differently in the future



pages with in-depth info (a.k.a. rabbit holes)

» Understanding Social Norms

Primer on social norms: learn what they are, how they get formed, and why we care about them.




» How to balance the carrot and the stick

Part of the Changing Demands webinar series, this 30-minute presentation covers four lessons on balancing motivation and enforcement efforts in a behavior change program, followed by questions from attendees. This webinar is an extension of my blog written on the same topic.