Creating a Social Change Movement

In a webinar I delivered recently with the Conservation Psychology Institute, I focused on the Diffusion of Innovation Theory. I really enjoy showing this theory as an explanation for how social movements and norms happen. And what I find even more exciting is that I can recognize how movements happening today are reflecting this process. We can see this diffusion […]

Target audiences: who will be in, who will be out?

“There are just too many damn audiences to reach. You’ve got the community, the politicians and law makers, wives and school children, the donors and financiers, field workers, and the list just won’t stop. So why do you keep telling me – BROOKE –  that I need to pick just 1 target audience?!?!” I know, it sucks. But let me […]

4 Tips: How to get more donations with your print ads

I recently got my hands on several issues of Bloomberg Businessweek magazine and was pleasantly surprised to see print ads from non-profit organizations. It makes sense for non-profits to advertise in this publication – it has a high number of subscribers that are senior level business people who likely make a lot of money. An ideal audience to target for […]