who’s brooke?

Hi there!

I’m passionate about training conservationists how to design marketing plans that motivate action.

I bring together best practices from commercial advertising, insights from behavioral science, and my first-hand experiences in conservation.

Packaged to help you design effective and cost-efficient behavior change communications.

Focused on creating conservation movements that stick.

All delivered in a straight-forward, entertaining and applicable manner.

“Brooke clarified project expectations, infused energy into our projects, and brought much-needed expertise to guide us through the rebranding process.” – Gaelle Gourmelon, Worldwatch Institute

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examples of work i’ve done

Curious about what kinds of projects I’ve worked on? Well, good news! I’ve got some really cool case studies to share with you. Please contact me if you have any questions or want to discuss these projects further – I’m very passionate about these projects and happy to talk your ear off about them!

Shifting fishing norms in the Philippines

lianga_mascotnkidsFollowing strict fishing regulations ain’t easy when food and money is at stake, but it’s necessary to ensure there will be more fish for future generations. Read about how we partnered with local and national government offices to run 13 behavior change campaigns that motivated local fishers to “fish in the right place”.

Popularizing catch + release fishing in Mongolia


The largest and most fierce freshwater fish was in decline in Northern Mongolia, yet it was not a primary food source for the local communities. WWF teamed up with local fishermen to help save the species, even though these were the same men catching them as fishing trophies. Read more about how WWF converted these illegal fishers into expert fly-fishermen and conservation advocates.

Launching a credit card for spenders and savers

picture1Admit it, in every relationship someone is either a spender or a saver. American Express launched a new credit card that put 1% of what you spent into a savings account for a target audience segment who traditionally felt that Amex wasn’t a good fit for them. Read more about how we leveraged the saver-spender audience insight to make Amex relevant to an entirely new segment.


“Brooke has huge strengths in thinking conceptually and strategically, but not in a way that is divorced from on-the-ground, everyday realities” – David Walker, EVP, Population Media Center (PMC)


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